About Iyabo Theresa Ogionwo


Iyabo Theresa Ogionwo (nee’ Adekolu) was born in Hamburg, Germany on 23rd September 1978 to Timothy Babyemi Adekolu and Funke Esther Adekolu. Her Birth heralded much joy in her family as her parents had been childless for several years and incidentally did not have any more children thereafter. She grew up in Lagos, Nigeria where here parents re-located to from Germany in the early 1980’s.
Amongst others she attended  Christland Secondary School, Lagos, Nigeria from 1992 – 1994 and Ashdale Secondary School, Lagos Nigeria 1994 – 1998 where she obtained her GCE O LEVELS.S
She then proceeded to APTECH Worldwide Computer School where she attained the following qualifications:
• Higher Diploma in Software Engineering (HDSE) Year 2002• Ordinary Diploma in Software Management (DISM) Year 2001• Certificate of proficiency in Systems Management (CPISM) Year 2000
Upon completion of her Diploma studies, she proceeded to London, United Kingdom and attended the International University of America where she obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration (First Class Honours).
In 2012 she picked up the mantle of education once again by attending University of Gavle (HOGSKOLAN), Gavle Sweden where she obtained a BA in International Social Work in 2016 before proceeding to the highly prestigious Lund University in Lund Sweden for an M.sc in Development Studies 2018.
She had made plans to complete the pinnacle of Academic achievement by obtaining a Ph.D. and had already begun the process of securing admission for it before this dream was cut short as she passed away prematurely in 2019.


Iyabo Theresa got married to Ebi Otsaye Ogionwo on 23 September 2002 (which coincidentally was also her birthday).
Her Husband has been on record to describe her as “an Angel who God sent to him and made his life full of joy, love and peace for almost 20 years”
He stated that “Apart from God Almighty, the person most responsible for his success in life was his loving and beautiful wife Theresa” who was a pillar of love and support throughout all his struggles and challenges in Life. She never once wavered in her support and belief in him in spite of all odds and challenges. Often writing him letters proclaiming her undying love and faith in him even when things were bleak and his business tottering at the edge of bankruptcy and ruin.
He has stated that” reading those letters from my wife gave me the courage and hope to keep on fighting and pushing on until I eventually succeeded in Business”
She was also an emotional and spiritual rock/pillar of support to him.
Their marriage produced Four wonderful Children:– Tamaradobra “Tammy” OGIONWO – DAUGHTER – Dootobou “Tobi” OGIONWO – SON – Miebi “ChuChu” OGIONWO – DAUGHTER – Nicandro “Nicoco” OGIONWO – SON
Iyabo Theresa was a wonderful and dutiful mother who loved her children even more than life itself. She gave up everything for them including her career just to always be there for them at all times.


Iyabo Theresa was a devoted Christian who showed empathy and love to all who met her especially the Poor and downtrodden. Her Christian Faith was the centre of her life and she used it to influence her husband, children and many others greatly. She was also an amiable person; anyone who met her will never forget her warm smile, kindness and humility.
Iyabo Theresa was a dazzling beauty who was a successful Model at a young age appearing in several advertisement campaigns in Nigeria most famous of which was for the No.1 Noodle Brand in Nigeria Indomie Noodles which adorned Billboards in every Major city in Nigeria for several years. She was albeit even more beautiful inside and her ability to show empathy and kindness was one of her most endearing qualities.
She was nicknamed Mother Theresa because of her love and empathy for the poor and downtrodden. Iyabo Theresa put her empathy into action by founding the NGO SELFLESS WORLD in partnership with her Husband. This NGO provided Funds for Orphans of Parents who died from Boko Haram Terrorist attacks as well as HIV/AIDS. It also provided funds for Hospital Bills for the Indigent Patients in Nigeria which led to its winning the Humanitarian Service Award from National Orthopaedic Hospital Lagos Nigeria for “Outstanding Services to Humanity in the Year 2018”.
She was also cited by her alma mater University of Gavle Sweden for her Charitable Works 
As a staff of RAPATC Gavle, Iyabo Theresa was also the Co-Founder of Gavle Meets Africa Cultural Festival in Gavle Sweden.
This was the first Festival Organized in Northern Sweden to showcase Africa as a Continent rich in Culture and Human/Natural Resources and not as a basket case that the Western Media portray it to be.


Iyabo Theresa suffered a Cardiac Arrest on 14th April 2019 and was in a coma for 30days. She died on 13th May 2019, with her loving Husband Ebi Otsaye by her bedside. 
Though she lived a short Life, Iyabo Theresa made a huge impact in the 40 Years she was on earth and will live on through the ongoing works of the Iyabo Theresa Ogionwo Memorial Foundation  as well as in the hearts and minds of those who were blessed to meet and relate with her.
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